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Charged matter

An assumption implicit in the current thinking about electromagnetism is that only “naked” or un-neutralized charge is capable of producing or experiencing electromagnetic force. The participation of this excess charge in electromagnetism is thought to be quantified in discrete units of what is thought to be the amount of charge in one electron, or e.  An interesting question is that; if the “naked” charges in or on some charged matter are completely free of any neutralization from charges of opposite sign, what is the force that holds them bound to matter? Why don’t they just drift off into space? The only mechanism holding charges in, or attached to, matter, that we know of, is electromagnetic force or electromagnetic attraction. Charges that are subject to electromagnetic attraction by other charges however, must be partially neutralized by those other attracting charges which have opposite polarity from the charge being attracted. This suggests that “naked” charges are in reality, charges that are partially neutralized by other surrounding charges, and the extent of this neutralization may vary depending on the environment of the naked charge.

Hmm…… This does not seem right.