One must wonder how classical models of atoms and molecules with electrons “buzzing” around in regions exterior to the nuclei can fit with the model presented in this theory of matter and the particles that comprise it being simply stable arrangements of electric charges held together by mutual attraction. As heretical as it may be, possibly there is no need for the concept of electrons. A number of phenomena can be satisfactorily explained by the idea that electricity is the spin of charges, and current is transmission of spin. We have seen how current in a wire can be explained as the transmission pf spin from one charge to the next along a chain of charges (the wire). Static electricity can easily be explained by the “rubbing” together of adjacent charges causing acceleration of their spins and thus augmentation of their electric charges. Van der Waals attraction might be explained by the field alignment model of gravity that is presented in the next section of this treatise as simply being gravitational attraction between molecules in very close proximity. While it is beyond the capability of myself or any other single individual to explain all phenomena attributed to electrons in terms of this new theory of matter, there are enough that can be simply explained without the necessity for the concept of electrons that this line of thought and inquiry is worth pursuing by open minds.