What is velocity?

by John David Best.

This article explores some phenomena such as velocity that are so basic to our existence that we rarely think about them. Do we truly understand them? The answer may surprise you.

Proof of Absolute Directions in the Universe

by  John David Best

A logical “proof” of the existence of absolute directionality in the universe, based in the relationship between angular velocity, and the centripetal force it generates.

Method and Device for Measurement of Background rotation

by John David Best

The mathematical relationship between angular velocity and centripetal force requires that a certain amount of centripetal force requires a certain angular velocity. The angular velocity that satisfies this relationship isn’t necessarily the measured or rated angular velocity, due to rotation of the reference direction from which angular velocity is measured, about the same axis of rotation as the angular velocity being measured. This device can quickly and easily measure the background rotation so that a true angular velocity can be determined, and can be used to predict and calculate centripetal force. This technique measures absolute rotations, so it is useful for guidance or navigation, because any path can be described by a series of distances and rotations.

The State of Modern Physics Series

by John Best

A three-part series of articles that presents the view that over the last century, physics has been becoming increasingly mystical and lest logical, and fails to satisfactorily explain commonplace phenomena.

The first article, entitled “Time for Physics to Get Real“, uses simple logic to make the case that the mainstream explanations for several physical phenomena familiar to everyone are unsatisfactory and contain mystical concepts. Everything in the article should be completely understandable to a thoughtful layman.

The second article, entitled “Physics and Mysticism – the Nexus“, tells the story of how explanations for natural phenomena progressed over the course of time, from purely  mystical, to predominantly logical, but have regressed toward mysticism since the beginning of the twentieth century. It also discusses socio-political factors responsible for this regression.

The third article, entitled, “The Way Forward for Physics“, proposes some concrete solutions to problems plaguing modern physics, and discusses some possible alternatives to the mystical ideas of contemporary theories.

Latest Sunrise, Earliest Sunset, and the “Equation of Time”

by David McNaughton

An explanation for why the dates of earliest sunset and latest sunrise do not coincide with the shortest day of the year.

Flaws in the Ahmadiyya Eclipse Theory

by David McNaughton

Eclipses are important to the religion of the Ahmadiyya people. This article points out some flaws in their interpretation of them.

Is Anything Truly Random?

by John Best

A discussion of whether randomness exists, and the cause and effect nature of events.

Astragalus Clinical Studies

Clinical studies on the effects of astragalus root and formulations containing astragalus

Welcome to the Machine

by John Best

Some thoughts and predictions about the future of the relationship between man and machine

A Short History of Time

by John Best

A very condensed history of how time, one of the greatest human inventions, came to be.