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  • A study from IRB Barcelona describes the reaction mechanism of DNAzymes
    (Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona)) Modesto Orozco's lab (IRB Barcelona) has published a study on the reaction mechanism of DNAzymes in Nature Catalysis. DNAzymes, which are catalysers formed by DNA, have applications in biomedicine and biotechnology. These research results will contribute to advances in the design and improvement... Read more »
  • Scientists map toxic proteins linked to Alzheimer's
    (McMaster University) A team of researchers from McMaster University has mapped at atomic resolution a toxic protein linked to Alzheimer's disease, allowing them to better understand what is happening deep within the brain during the earliest stages of the disease.... Read more »
  • Frustrated fish give up thanks to glia, not just neurons
    (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) Giving up when efforts are futile depends on glial cells called radial astrocytes, highlighting a novel computational role for the underappreciated brain cells.... Read more »
  • The Frontiers of Knowledge Awards call for a renewed commitment to global sustainability
    (BBVA Foundation) Established in 2008, the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards recognize contributions that expand the boundaries of the known world in science, art and the humanities. Each of their eight categories is decided by an international committee of experts.... Read more »
  • New e-tattoo enables accurate, uninterrupted heart monitoring for days
    (University of Texas at Austin) A new wearable technology, developed by engineers at the University of Texas at Austin, that is made from stretchy, lightweight material, could make heart health monitoring easier and more accurate.... Read more »