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  • Your brain responses to music reveal if you're a musician or not
    How your brain responds to music listening can reveal whether you have received musical training, according to new research. By applying methods of computational music analysis and machine learning on brain imaging data collected during music listening, the researchers we able to predict with a significant accuracy whether the listeners... Read more »
  • Two-dimensional circuit with magnetic quasi-particles
    Whether smart phone, computer or dialysis machine -- there is no electronic device without chips and their electronic components inside. The individual circuit elements are therefore often wired using three dimensional so called bridge constructions. Physicists are now working on a more efficient variation, where specific quasiparticles named magnons instead... Read more »
  • A new assessment method for active aging
    Researchers have developed a new indicator for assessing active aging. Active aging refers to having initiative and doing things the aging person considers important. The indicator consists of a series of questions, which can be presented either in an interview or as a questionnaire. A score describing active ageing is... Read more »
  • GoJelly project officially kicks off
    While the number of fish in our oceans continues to decrease, changing environmental conditions seem to favour jellyfish. They occur more often in large blooms. So far, they are considered annoying, if not dangerous. The project GoJelly aims to change that perception and to investigate the suitability of the organisms... Read more »
  • Global temperature targets will be missed within decades unless carbon emissions reversed
    New projections by researchers could be the catalyst the world has sought to determine how best to meet its obligations to reduce carbon emissions and better manage global warming as defined by the Paris Agreement.... Read more »
  • Scientists find mechanisms to avoid telomere instability found in cancer and aging cells
    (Instituto de Medicina Molecular) Researchers from Instituto de Medicina Molecular (iMM) João Lobo Antunes have found that a functional component of telomeres called TERRA has to constantly be kept in check to prevent telomeric and chromosomal instability, one of the underlying anomalies associated with cancer.... Read more »
  • Multifunctional platform for the delivery of gene therapeutics
    (Wiley) Gene editing is one of the hottest topics in cancer research. A Chinese research team has now developed a gold-nanoparticle-based multifunctional vehicle to transport the 'gene scissors' to the tumor cell genome. As the authors report in the journal Angewandte Chemie, their nonviral transport and release platform of gene-editing... Read more »
  • Taking control at the junction
    (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST)) Fine tuning the composition of nitride alloys can further the development of optical and electronic interface devices.... Read more »
  • Making fuel cells for a fraction of the cost
    (University of California - Riverside) In a paper published today in Small, researchers at the University of California, Riverside, describe the development of an inexpensive, efficient catalyst material for a type of fuel cell called a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), which turns the chemical energy of hydrogen into... Read more »
  • TU Wien develops new semiconductor processing technology
    (Vienna University of Technology) Extremely fine porous structures with tiny holes -- resembling a kind of sponge at nano level -- can be generated in semiconductors. This opens up new possibilities for the realization of tiny sensors or unusual optical and electronic components. There have already been experiments in this... Read more »