About Open Theory

Development of scientific theories can be greatly enhanced by utilizing many minds rather than a few. This website provides an Open Theory platform so that theory development can be crowd-sourced in a similar manner to open-source software development. Users may post, analysis, extensions, data, critiques and ideas relating to the theories presented on this site. Theories can be on any physical or natural science, or mathematical topic. Posting is open to anyone, regardless of affiliation or educational background. There is no monopoly on good ideas, and anyone can become highly educated on any topic via the internet. We require however, that submitted theories and posts be of a professional caliber; well researched, thought out, and written. Theories can be in any scientific field, including  physics, chemistry, math, earth and planetary sciences, and life sciences.

How it works

A theory is presented in suitable sections so posts can be specific to different areas of the theory.. A registered user may post additions, extensions, data, or comments related to the content of the section by clicking on the link at the bottom of the section. Math equations and formulas can be entered using Latex code, by including the shortcode tag   in the page containing the math (see QuickLatex for detailed instructions), or by clicking on the Fx button to the right of the toolbar in the WYSIWYG editor. Currently, the site has only basic functionality, but more features and sophistication will be added based on experience and demand.

Users may register to post by clicking on the Log in link to the right (at the bottom). When registering, please include your real name, and some information about yourself, and your qualifications for posting, so that you can receive recognition for your contributions. After registering, you should send an email to the address on the Contact page so that we know that you are a human rather than a “bot” and will approve your registration.
To submit a new theory or article, send a synopsis of it here for approval.